Argentium Sterling Silver, like sterling silver, is an alloy which contains not less than 93% pure silver.  However, unlike traditional sterling, Argentium contains Germanium which severely inhibits tarnish.

Pure silver (which is permeable to oxygen) is alloyed with copper to create a stronger and more durable metal which we call sterling silver.  However, both the copper and silver are affected by oxygen and will form sulfides, or tarnish.  This is due mostly to contact with moisture or humid air.   The introduction of germanium into the alloy creates a barrier on the surface of the Argentium Sterling Silver which interferes with sulfide formation and allows the metal to remain almost tarnish-free.

Argentium Sterling Silver should be stamped .925 or “sterling” (or .970 or “sterling” if High Argentium is being used.)

For more information, please visit Argentium Silver.

How to care for Argentium Sterling Silver Jewelry

To avoid contamination of Argentium Sterling Silver with other alloys, it is best to use a dedicated polishing cloth.  I use Goddard’s Long Shine Silver Cloth.  You should also be able to find this at your local hardware store.

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