Turkey sketch and earring design
Design Theme #3, TURKEY by Joana Miranda
Design Theme #3, TURKEY by Joana Miranda
Design Theme #3, TURKEY by Joana Miranda

We’ve all been there – that numb, dull feeling when our competition entry merits no recognition, we realize that we wasted a vast amount of time on a project at the bench which resulted in a flop, or we’re beginning to doubt that we have what it takes.   Meanwhile, we seem to be surrounded by success stories of people who started with almost nothing and somehow became famous, successful, rich and respected overnight.  What’s their secret?  I confess I’m still searching and haven’t found the answer.   However, I offer the following list as an excellent place to start in the battle against the turkeys.

  1. Pay attention to you feelings.  Don’t try to stuff them away or change them.  They are what they are and and are valid because you feel them.
  2. Remind yourself that life is not fair.  Trying to make it fair is beyond your control.  Use your energy instead where it will make a difference.
  3. Go ahead cry, punch a pillow, yell in your car (hopefully when you are alone), or do whatever you need to do to safely release your emotion.
  4. Go for a walk outside.  Fresh air reminds us that we are alive, and being outside in the open can help give some perspective on the scope of the problem.
  5. Exercise.  If you feel good about your body, you’ll hold your head that much higher.
  6. Eat healthily and get enough sleep.  Remember the wisdom contained in Max Erhmann’s Desiderata poem, ” Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.”
  7. Realize that some (maybe more than you think) of the “turkeys” are in your own head.   If you can recognize your self-created “turkeys”, they’ll be less likely to get you down.
  8. Reach out for advice from someone you trust and can count on to respond.  Their perspective might surprise you.
  9. Ask for what you need from loved ones.  They see you hurting but don’t always know how to help.
  10. Help someone else.  You might feel in the dumps about yourself, but there will always be someone who looks up to you.
  11. Seek out training, a seminar, or workshop.
  12. Think about one small step that you can do to get yourself a little closer to your goal, then do it.  (Repeat this step every day.)
  13. Reward yourself for not giving up.
  14. Thank all the people who help you in little or big ways.
  15. Do what you love to do.


  1. Amy M says:

    Thanks for your words of wisdom, Joana. This post will be especially useful on ‘turkey’ days. Congrats on your beautiful website and great blog!

  2. Deirdre says:

    Hey J, this list came at a great time for me! you read my mind. Thanks for the inspiration, and let’s help each other with our turkeys.

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