Convergence Bubble Earrings - Photo by Joana Miranda
Convergence Bubble Earrings - Photo by Joana Miranda

I recently finished doing a photo shoot of my jewelry on my favorite model and decided to share some of the techniques I used here.  I shoot with a Canon Digital Rebel XTi Camera and EF 100 mm F2.8 Macro lens.  I always start by setting the white balance and use an expo disc lens to do this.  I shoot in the AV mode with  f-stop usually set at f16, ISO at 800 (I shoot using the self-timer function and a tripod), and the image recording quality set to RAW/high quality large format.   Most importantly, I connect my camera to my laptop via a USB cable so that I can see immediate feedback on my computer screen and make adjustments as needed.  Being able to do this helps even the novice photographer get really nice shots!

I don’t have a photography studio and so have to improvise my backdrop and lighting setup.   For this shoot I used a blue backdrop cloth tacked up at the end of an upstairs hallway.  I closed off all doors and covered up outside windows so that I could control the light completely.  To avoid harsh light, I bounced daylight spectrum lamps off the inside of an umbrella to which I had pinned opaque white cloth (yes, it would be easier to buy a professional photographer’s umbrella, but this works just as well) and I bounced my other light off of the white walls in the hallway.

I had little touchup work to do in photoshop since my model has just about perfect skin and is a radiant beauty.  To see all the pictures from this shoot please visit Joana Miranda Studio and Joana Miranda Studio at Etsy.


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