Jewelry findings rendering by Joana Miranda
Jewelry findings rendering by Joana Miranda

Although my business is in its infancy, relatively speaking, I’ve known ever since I started buying jewelry findings, gems and supplies that I needed to have an accurate way to keep track of my inventory.  I’ve tackled every other part of running Joana Miranda Studio with gusto, but this frontier has proved overwhelming.  When my tax accountant last year suggested I keep a written log of everything I purchase, I gave it a try, but found this method to be cumbersome at best.  Recently I purchased Bejeweled Software Company’s Jewelry Designer Manager Standard software.  Available either as a CD-Rom or as an online download for $89.95 ($99.95 to purchase both CD and download option), I figured that it was worth a try.

Installation of the software (I purchased the CD-Rom) was a breeze.  Much to my surprise, I also found navigating through the program totally intuitive.  The fact that Bejeweled Software Company is the brainchild of Barbara Carleton, a successful software developer AND jewelry designer herself, certainly explains why the program works so well for jewelers.  In a matter of a few hours, I was able to input my complete inventory with information including description, pricing per unit, part reordering numbers, vendor contact information and alerts for when I will need to reorder that particular part.

Even more surprising was the excellent customer service I experienced after I encountered a technical glitch with generating a report for my inventory.   Although it was well after business hours, I emailed technical support with my question and figured that I probably wouldn’t hear back until at least the next day.  Barbara herself emailed me that evening with the information that allowed me to successfully solve the issue!

If you are in the business of making and selling jewelry, this is a must-have tool for your shop.  From categorizing inventory and pricing your finished pieces, to tracking sales, generating customer sales slips and much more, you’ll find this software immensely helpful and even fun to use.


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