Baobab Reflections Pendant rendering by Joana Miranda
Baobab Reflections Pendant rendering by Joana Miranda

Sometimes negative space speaks volumes in design.

My inspiration for this recent rendering was the baobab tree which is found in many parts of Africa.  It is a tree around which many folkloric superstitions exist.  In addition,  the native people make use of every part of the tree.  Its bark, roots, fruit, flowers and leaves are used to provide everything from medicine, water and food, to shelter, clothing, mats, ropes, sacks and even fishing line!

While I don’t have a farm in Africa, my cousin does.   You can read more here about her coffee and dairy farm, the sustainable and ecologically-conscious manner in which the crops are harvested, and order their wonderful award-winning Leopard Forest Coffee from their retail location in Travelers Rest, SC.


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