The other night as my husband and I watched Food Network’s The Next Food Network Star, a show we’re both following with interest, I was irritated to hear my favorite finalists promising to “bring it” in the next challenge as they bemoaned their lackluster performances.   Maybe the show’s fast pace doesn’t allow for full sentences, or perhaps the contestants are at a loss for what they really need to improve next.  That got me wondering…are we a culture so harried that we have to abbreviate everything we say?  And if speaking takes too long, is thinking also on the decline?

Signet Ring by Joana Miranda
Signet CAD Ring by Joana Miranda

I spent a long time being a “mouse potato” this evening as I perused the Urban Dictionary on my laptop in search of answers.   While I don’t “DWT” or even “text”, don’t own an iphone and therefore don’t feel the need for “apps”, I’ve joined the ranks of “Tweeters”, “Youtubers”, “Facebookers” and “Bloggers”.   Maybe the pot IS calling the kettle black.  (My bad!)


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