Dog Tags with Hidden Pico Drive Design Takes 2nd Place in 2009 George A. Schuetz Design Contest
"Dog Tag with Hidden Pico Drive" Takes 2nd Place in 2009 George A. Schuetz Design Contest

I recently submitted the computer aided design (CAD) above for the 2009 GIA George A. Schuetz Design Competition.  Recognizing the best original designs in men’s jewelry, this international competition was created in honor of the late men’s jewelry designer George A. Schuetz.  The inspiration behind my Dog Tag with Hidden Pico Drive design was to create a man’s accessory that would be masculine, handsome and still functional.   My design uses polished white metal, channel-set rubies and black onyx inlay.  Hidden inside the flip-top compartment is a Pico Drive.  The Pico Drive or thumb drive is currently the smallest on the market, is waterproof, and measures a mere 38.7 mm, or just about the size of an American quarter.

I’m delighted to win a prize in the George A. Schuetz Design Contest two years running and am grateful to the Gemological Institute of America for sponsoring a competition that has inspired me to try to design in elegant and stylish ways for men.

Special thanks also go to my good friend Jamie Hofman who told me about the Pico Drive in the first place.


  1. Joana,
    I have been entertained and inspired by all of your work…and prizes…this summer. Congratulations again! The dog tag with pico drive is so clever and classy. I hope you will make this for Andy. The only music I have been involved in during the break is hearing trombonists testing horns. That can also be entertaining. I look forward to seeing you in September.
    Warm Regards,

    • Hi Glenda! Thanks so much for your support. I just went and checked out your business website and it looks great! Maybe I should commission a matching pair of trombones to wear as earrings…

      See you soon-

      With all best wishes,

  2. Meryl says:

    This is awesome! I think a great idea for both men and women! where can i get myself one??

    • Hi Meryl!

      This competition’s sponsors don’t make the winning pieces, unfortunately, but I’ve had so many requests about the dog tags that I’m going to investigate getting them made. Maybe I should switch the rubies for champagne diamonds…

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