Argentium Sterling Silver, Akoya Pearl and Moissanite Earrings
Argentium Sterling Silver, Akoya Pearl and Moissanite Earrings by Joana Miranda

Since arriving back from playing orchestra and chamber music at Music in the Mountains festival in CO, I’ve been practically chained to the bench.  Seven different orders went out from Joana Miranda Studio in the past eleven days, and two more are in the works.  Among those were the custom-made earrings above which I hand-fabricated for the fiancée of one of my dearest friends.   This project was started in mid-June when the bride-to-be showed me a picture of the diamond and pearl pendant she planned to wear at the wedding so that I could design and make something to complement it.  She also showed me a picture of the dress (which I can’t describe since the wedding is still-to-be!) and I kept it in mind, along with her petite and delicate frame, as I designed.  How cool that I also get to be there cheering her on as she walks down the aisle!

When I got married, I confess I paid almost two times the cost of my wedding dress for my “wedding” earrings.  My dress was beautiful, but I knew that I’d be wearing it only once.  The white gold and diamond chandelier earrings I splurged on to go with my dress were something I knew I’d want to wear again.  Chandelier earrings seemed the obvious choice to pair with the slim, elegant 1920’s fit and feel of my dress, my planned updo, and the fact that my husband and I were planning to dance a tango at the reception.  Best of all, I found my dream chandelier earrings in a 2-for-1 innovative design.  Now when the occasion is less formal, I can detach the chandelier part and just wear the small diamond hoops.

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