While jewelry and accessories designs are usually my focus when I sit down to sketch or render, on vacation last week I decided to try and challenge my visual and technical skills even further.   I purposely limited myself on this vacation to a tool box that contained only graphite pencils, a ruler, an eraser and different types of paper.  I wanted to see if I could still come up with realistic jewelry designs and other artwork without having my usual art “tools” at my disposal.  The Driehaus Family Fountain in Lake Geneva, WI captivated me.  In addition to the picture I took below, the guide book in our hotel room had a lovely photo of the fountain taken at night time.

Driehaus Family Fountain in Riveiera Park - Lake Geneva, WI
Driehaus Family Fountain in Riviera Park - Lake Geneva, WI

Depicting the fountain in a night time setting was a challenge, but also created a great opportunity for me to use the white space of the paper for all of the highlights and for the water and reflections.

Pencil Drawing of Driehaus Family Fountain by Joana Miranda
Pencil Drawing of Driehaus Family Fountain by Joana Miranda

In the back of my mind I had memories of the wonderful Georges Seurat conté pencil drawings I saw several years ago at the Milwaukee Institute of Art.  Now I’m inspired to try my hand at conté pencils on a more textured paper.  Stay tuned for more pencil renderings from Joana Miranda Studio!


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