Pencil Sketch of Mens' Watch by Joana Miranda
Pencil Sketch of Men's Watch by Joana Miranda

I’m a big fan of watches and seem to be acquiring a very nice collection.  The most unique watch I have (which really belongs to my father) was given to him in Portugal 65 years ago when he was 13.  It is an Eterna brand, with a rectangular face, winding mechanism, wonderful blue hands, and a teeny inset seconds dial.  This vintage watch still works, although years ago the original band was replaced with a handsome stainless-steel stretch bracelet.  I love wearing something with such history and with a connection to my father.  I also think the right men’s watch on a woman’s slender wrist is akin to the “boyfriend shirt” –  sexy in a more subtle way.

While I’ve drooled from afar over the classic Art Deco lines of the  Longines Dolce Vita watch (the price kept me safely away), and admired Cartier’s “Tank” watches in particular, I’m a devoted fan of Skagen watches.   The clean and elegant lines of the faces together with the extremely comfortable stainless-steel mesh bands (an original design feature of this company) are big draws for me.  More recent Skagen designs incorporate titanium metal colors as well as rose gold and two-tone metal.  Best is that these watches are all surprisingly affordable; they run between $95 and $295.  My husband and I have each given each other several Skagen watches as gifts.  Recently, when a friend admired my Skagen watch and I let her try it on, she was so taken with it that she and her husband went promptly to the nearest jeweler and bought each other Skagen watches!

No, I don’t work for Skagen (I’d love to, though, especially since they are now branching out into jewelry!), but I’m always happy to spread the word about great design!

I sketched the watch design above while on vacation recently.  I only had pencils, paper and an eraser at my disposal.  My husband suggested I design a men’s watch and this was the result.


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