Please visit Rio Tinto’s Champagne Diamonds Blog to see great pictures and descriptions of all four winning entries in the recent Rio Tinto Champagne Diamond Contest.  My Champagne Tango earrings took the “Champagne Wishes” 2nd Place award and are currently being manufactured!

Natural Fancy Champagne Diamond

While you’re on the site, don’t miss the short YouTube video entitled Champagne Diamonds Inspire New Designs.  Rio Tinto asked Curtis of Australia to design a fountain pen using champagne diamonds.  The Colours of Australia Fountain Pen has over 500 hand-set white and champagne diamonds and features intricate hand engraving as well as titanium design elements that are evocative of the Sydney Opera House.   In the video you’ll see the process from rendering to stone-setting, buffing and polishing, as well as the torch heating of the titanium to enhance its color.


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