Pencil and Gouache Rendering of Men's Stainless Steel, Acrylic and Diamond Cufflinks
Pencil and Gouache Rendering of Men's Stainless Steel, Black Rubber and Diamond Cufflinks by Joana Miranda

After the wedding band, many men give little thought to owning or wearing any other jewelry.  I think there is nothing more elegant than seeing beautiful cuff links adorning a well-pressed French cuff shirt.  For those men who don’t wear dress shirts, there are certainly other options to consider in the jewelry department.  While heavy gold chains layered over a hairy chest are definitely not my thing, I do love to see men experimenting with other statement pieces such as signet rings, tasteful dog tags and medallions (more alluring if these are somewhat discreetly hidden underneath a nice shirt), and masculine bracelets.   If you are looking to purchase jewelry for your man (or, for those men purchasing for themselves), look for architectural, modern, and clean design lines.  These will bring a strong and masculine look to the jewelry.   Some cool places to start looking are:

Many of the sites above offer lines of men’s jewelry incorporating precious metals together with innovative materials such as steel, rubber, carbon fiber, leather or concrete.   Manly accessories have never looked so cool!


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