Watercolor and Gouache Rendering of Spessarite and Diamond Pendant by Joana Miranda
Watercolor and Gouache Rendering of Gold, Spessarite Garnet, and Diamond Pendant by Joana Miranda

Yesterday’s Design a Day featured a pendant with an orange spessarite garnet.  Today’s rendering also features an orange spessarite garnet…I think I’ve got fall and pumpkins on the brain!  Actually, the next thing really on my brain is making an apple pie.   I’ve got the apples and I’ve got the time (a miracle of sorts!)  Because my husband is finicky about apple pies – he likes the apples perfectly cooked inside the pie – I’ve taken to precooking the apples.  Today I came across a new apple pie recipe that doesn’t call for precooking the apples, but does call for macerating them in sugar and spices to release the juices, then boiling those juices into a syrup.  Sounds good to me.  I’m going to do the recipe with one modification;  I’ll substitute the ice water in the crust for cold milk as my mother taught me.  (The milk helps the crust to brown.)

I’ll post the aromas if the pie turns out well!


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