Today’s design is a development on my Riverstone Line.  These earrings will feature a detachable dangle so that they can be worn either as a cluster post, or as a more fancy cascade of shimmering nuggets of silver ending in a crystal briolette:

Pencil and Gouache Sketch for Riverstone Earring by Joana Miranda
Pencil and Gouache Sketch for Riverstone Earrings by Joana Miranda

The design was done on the Amtrak train on my way to spend the day with my mom in Chicago; even the bumping of the train and a tray table that was too high to be usable wasn’t enough to deter me.  I did do the finishing white gouache touches for the highlights when I got home, though.  As dedicated as I am to designing every day, I wasn’t about to travel with watercolors as well!

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