Watercolor and Gouach Oxidized Silver and Lucite Dangle Earring by Joana Miranda
Watercolor and Gouache Oxidized Silver and Lucite Dangle Earring by Joana Miranda

As I’ve been busy working on updating all of my jewelry websites (a daunting project), expanding my marketing efforts through Twitter and other social media, and researching new avenues for my jewelry, I’ve been overwhelmed with the enormous amount of “noise” out there.  In the scramble to reach the top, I wonder if social networking is going to overshadow social grace and good manners.  Here is a list of 10 things I cherish and hope never go out of style:

  • The hand-written thank you note (even better if it is on nice paper written with a nice pen)
  • Complete sentences
  • Follow up emails and phone calls
  • People who make eye contact when they talk to you
  • People who listen
  • Men who understand when it is appropriate to tuck in their shirts
  • Women who understand when and where it is appropriate to wear flip-flops
  • People who adjust their voice volume to appropriately fit their surroundings
  • People who proofread before hitting “reply” or “send”
  • People who understand that not everything is really fit to print


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