Joana's Halloween Pumpkin with Berry "Chandelier" Earrings

Yes, I’m jewelry obsessed!  Even my Halloween pumpkin this year is sporting chandelier earrings.  For more refined Gothic style jewelry befitting this occasion, as well as any dress up event, check out the jewelry of Stephen Webster:

stephen webster mosquito ring
Stephen Webster Mosquito Ring to Benefit the Malaria No More Cause

You can read more here about this ring which was commissioned by the UK-based organization Malaria No More, an organization advocating a comprehensive approach to eradicating the mosquito-borne illness.  And if you thought that all jewelry designers live a quiet, refined life spent very much behind the scenes, think again.  Stephen Webster, who in his early days found himself making and selling Day-Glo Perspex earrings to his friends at£5 a pair, is no stranger now to partying with the likes of Christina Aguilera and Mickey Rourke, selling his jewelry to Madonna, Johnny Depp, and Charlize Theron among other celebritries, and being driven to parties in limo hummers (complete with two fireplaces).   Curious?  Read more here.


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