Of all jewelry renderings, I find rings the hardest to do.  The 3-quarter view perspective is challenging and although I have some good basic instructions in my design books, I’ve found that most of the books don’t teach beyond the simplest ring shapes.  So I’ve committed to rendering more rings here.  If I get a really good handle on doing the perspective quickly and without fuss, I’ll post my tips later.

blue-eyed susan final resized
Watercolor and Gouache Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Daisy Ring Rendering by Joana Miranda

I’m dedicating this rendering to my mother.  She gave herself a black eye this week just in time for Halloween.  Only it wasn’t the makeup variety, but a result of the shower head falling on her eye as she was trying to fix it from leaking.  True to form, she told me she would tell her little piano students that she was hit with a flying pumkin on Halloween.  I was going to send her Black-Eyed Susans in the mail, but sent her a nice bouquet of roses instead.

Here is one more flower to add to the bouquet.


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