Diamond and aqua pendant rescanned final resized
Colored Pencil and Gouache Diamond and Aquamarine Pendant Rendering on Vellum by Joana Miranda

Because I’ve been racing against the clock all day today, I pulled a design from my design archives for today’s design-a-day post.   This colored pencil and gouache pendant rendering was done shortly after I finished the GIA NY Quick Design Lab course in 2006.   I was definitely adhering more here to the rendering “rules” I was taught in that course; the lack of freedom shows especially in the depiction of the aquamarine gemstone.

Even so, I still like the overall design of this pendant.

Learning the “rules” is absolutely essential in any discipline.  As a musician, I spent hours practicing the fingerings and interpretations my teachers taught me.  Only later, and when I was already out of school, did I feel qualified enough to relearn pieces, adjust fingerings to better fit my hands, and rethink phrasing to really reflect what I wanted to say.

I’m truly thankful for the wonderful teachers I have had both in music and in jewelry.  If it weren’t for them, my progress would certainly be a lot slower and there would be a lot more “tuition pieces”!


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