I’ll admit that I struggled tonight with my design a day project.  For quite some time I’ve been mulling over creating a jewelry piece which involves words.  I’m wary of falling into the inherent kitsch trap that such “sentimental” jewelry often provides.   Although I felt like I was making some headway tonight, my more interesting ideas for this project are still very much in the “chicken-scratch” stage.  So for tonight,  I’ve gone back into my design archives to post this series of line drawings and final pendant rendering (an enlarged version of the final pendant rendering follows at the bottom of this post):

Preliminary pencil drawings and final pencil and gouache pendant rendering by Joana Miranda
Pencil and Gouache Rutilated Quartz and Silver Pendant Rendering by Joana Miranda


    • I thought you’d enjoy seeing that post! Thank you for being such a good friend and fan. Now I’m inspired to get to work and post something new tonight!

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