Watercolor and Gouache White Metal, Diamond, and Black Pearl Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

This has been a busy week for me.  I finished up two pieces on Monday for a client, did a fun jewelry “tutorial” at the bench that evening for a friend and fellow artist, designed a pair of earrings for another client, and worked on 6 pieces at the bench today!  In addition, 5 other pieces went out the door to Gina’s Gallery and Boutique in Cleveland today.  (Oh, and I had 5 hours of opera rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday, and taught two viola lessons.)

The inspiration for today’s design came from my sketch book.  I often do quick “chicken scratch” sketches as I’m working out ideas.  Sometimes when I go back and look at my sketches, I recognize a kernel of something interesting in a design I didn’t think to flesh out earlier.  Such was the case with this design.   Not only did the design go from sketch to rendering very easily, but the painting also flowed easily.  This was partly because (and this should be a no-brainer!) I remembered to try using a bigger paintbrush to fill in the larger areas…one of those “ah ha” moments that made me pleased.


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