Colored Pencil and Gouache Onyx and Ruby Stud Earrings Rendering by Joana Miranda

Some of my jeweler friends have asked how long it takes me to do my renderings.  Because I usually get so absorbed by what I’m doing, I don’t keep track of the time.  However, coming up with the idea for today’s rendering and putting it down on vellum, took me exactly 4 minutes – the total amount of free time I had to contemplate a design before running out the door to play the opera Tosca.  (I did come home and finish the rendering after the opera, so my total time on this one was probably 24 minutes.)

This has certainly been a crazy week for me.  In addition to seeing numerous pieces out the door to various clients, galleries, and an upcoming event in Chicago, I managed to grow matching blisters on my right hand thumb and forefinger, and today got my hair caught in the flex shaft as I was trying to finish polishing a piece.  While my reflex reaction of lifting my foot off the power pedal was quick enough to prevent me from giving myself a bald spot, I think a brain cell or two may have been yanked out with the hairs that got wrapped around the bristle brush.

And so, on that note, at 11:51 p.m. I’m signing off to get some much needed rest (and maybe regenerate some new replacement brain cells.)


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