Day 2 in my week of dedicated Thanksgiving posts was designed in honor of my dearest friends near and far:

Watercolor and Gouache Platinum and Diamond Heart Charm Rendering by Joana Miranda

This platinum and diamond heart pendant is symbolic of the strength your support and love gives me.  Thank you for listening, for being there, for cheering me on and for laughing with me!

(For those of you who are paying close attention, you may have noticed that the light is coming from the right in this rendering rather than from the customary top left of the page.  At the end of this week, I’ll be posting the charm bracelet in its entirety.  You’ll find out the placement of each charm then…or you can see if you can put the puzzle together on your own before then!)


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I love this 3D heart. Such an unusual idea…we don’t see this symbol in this context much, or at all, but we can certainly identify it as a heart! Brava, once again!

    • Hi Helen,

      I really appreciate all of your comments and support! I’m really excited about this rendering and am looking forward to publishing the bracelet in its entirety on Sunday because the overall effect is very cool. (Blowing up the individual charms at high resolution does show up little defects that you don’t see in the actual size bracelet rendering.)

      I’ve enjoyed seeing your latest hair clips on Facebook and hope that they do well on Etsy! Have a great Thanksgiving! Joana

    • Yes, charm bracelets are certainly a unique and fun way to express who we are! I wear the charm bracelet I made for myself almost all the time. The charms I hand-fabricated for it are a ladybug, a flower, a martini glass, a heart and my company logo. I’ll probably add more charms as time goes on, but for now these feel perfect.

      Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment!

      All best wishes,

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