Merry Christmas!

Today’s post could be subtitled Snow Maiden.  I designed this fifth and final brooch in my starry snowflake-inspired series in the Art Nouveau style.  Here is my initial pencil quick sketch:

Art Nouveau-Inspired "Snow Maiden" Brooch Quick Sketch by Joana Miranda

…and the final rendering:

Watercolor and Gouache Art Nouveau "Snow Maiden" Brooch Rendering with Gold, Glass, Diamonds, Opals, Enamel and Baroque Pearl by Joana Miranda

The Art Nouveau period (French for “new art”) which was introduced in 1890s, featured sinuous and curving lines, an emphasis on nature and the vitality of the natural world, and a new appreciation for Japanese art.   One of the giants in this movement was Rene Lalique, whose use of glass together with precious metals and gemstones expanded the boundaries and ethereal look of jewelry.  In addition to the use of molded or enameled glass together with gemstones and enamel, other characteristics of the Art Nouveau style were:

  • Realistic portrayals of nature including butterflies, birds, and intertwining foliage
  • Fantastic creatures such as dragons and other mythical beasts
  • Gems such as pearls, opal, moonstone, aquamarine, tourmaline, rose quartz, chalcedony, chrysoprase, and amethyst
  • Designs of women transformed into mermaids, winged sprites, or flowers


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