I’m a very practical person, although I also thrive on feeling challenged.  For this week, I decided to embrace these facets of my personality and create a series of chandelier earring designs that could be interchangeable (my nod to the practical).  Although, the idea of a convertible earring is certainly not uniquely mine, I decided to come up with six interchangeable components (the challenge).  To start, here is the basic element in my earring (front and side view) – a diamond hoop with milgrain detailing and a suspended diamond briolette:

Colored Pencil and Gouache Diamond Hoop with Briolette Dangle Rendering by Joana Miranda

As a hoop for everyday, this earring has just enough sparkle and the uniqueness of a diamond briolette to make it a standout “staple”.  Tomorrow I’ll post the first chandelier attachment…


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