Today’s design is entitled In Paradisum.  For those of my friends playing the Fauré Requiem at the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra with me this week, you may recognize the elements that inspired this brooch: delicate and otherworldly flute-like sounds coming from the organ, the undulating lines of the violas and cellos, and over it all, the ethereal sounds of the soprano voices.

Watercolor and Gouache Gold and Diamond "In Paradisum" Brooch Rendering by Joana Miranda

For those of you not familiar with this 7th and final movement of the Fauré Requiem, here is a link to a performance.  The text (translated from the Latin original) is as follows:

May angels lead you into Paradise.

At your coming

may martyrs receive you,

and may they lead you

into the Holy City, Jerusalem.

May the chorus of angels receive you,

and with Lazarus, who once was a pauper,

may you have eternal rest.

The bunch of diamond dandelions in my brooch represents human souls.  Fragile and as vulnerable to the currents of life as the feathery “cotton” on a dandelion, our souls can take flight and touch others in a profound and lasting way.


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I bet not many jewelry designers would elevate the humble dandelion as you have! It’s a beautiful design, inspired by a beautiful piece. I’m really enjoying it.

    • I would have been happy to go home after the Faure both nights…you don’t really need to hear any music after that.

      On the subject of dandelions, I think Lalique did some great designs around dandelions. I’ll see if I can find some to show you.

      Thanks for all of your support!

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