I’ve been hard at work on a  freelance design project currently for an overseas manufacturer supplying to large scale jewelry retailers in the US.   My focus has been on creating two separate collections within specific price point, material and category parameters.  This design was one that didn’t make my own personal “cut” today:

Charcoal Pencil and Gouache Leaf and Flower Drop Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Even so, I think there are two elements (the chandelier leaves and the flower drop) that have potential for development in other designs.   Proof that sometimes there is a diamond in the rough!


  1. Laura says:

    Love this! Beautiful!! While it may not have made your “cut” for the overseas project, these earrings would be really gorgeous. Perhaps they also would be fit for an add-on type of design?

    • Thanks, Laura! I’ve come up with a different version for the overseas project…it really helps to have feedback. I wish I could post the entire collection for readers’ votes, but unfortunately that isn’t possible.

      See you soon:-)

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