Day 3 in my seven-day series of earring designs dedicated to the seven wonders of the world, comes from a list of Seven Wonders of Portugal.  Since Portugal is my country of birth and a rich part of my cultural background, I felt the need to include it this week.

Built in 1521 and now a Unesco World Heritage Site, the Torre de Belém (Tower of Belém) is located in Belém, Portugal just outside Lisbon.  Constructed of lioz limestone, this fortified tower is a prominent example of the Manueline Style in Portuguese architecture.  The tower was commissioned by Portuguese King John II to be both part of a defense system at the mouth of the Tagus River, as well as a ceremonial gateway to Lisbon:

Torre de Belem (Tower of Belem) in Portugal

The Torre de Belém is among one of my favorite places to visit when I’m in Portugal.   The romance of seeing a castle-like structure seemingly floating on the water is one draw for me;  another is that only in Belém can you get the famous “pasteis de Belém”, or sweet custard Belém tarts:

Pasteis de Belem (Belem Tarts)

My earring design inspired by the Torre de Belém follows:

Watercolor and Gouache Yellow and White Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Earring by Joana Miranda

And, here I am two summers ago sitting near the Torre de Belém on my first day of vacation in Portugal with my husband:

Joana at the Torre de Belem, Portugal

Please come back tomorrow to see my earring design inspired by the Taj Mahal!


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