Today’s design, #5 in my seven-day series of earring designs inspired by the seven wonders of the world, was inspired by Bell Rock Lighthouse.  Considered one of the seven “Wonders of the Industrial World”, the 35 meter high lighthouse is located 12 miles off the coast of Angus, Scotland in the North Sea, and was first lit in 1811.  It is the world’s oldest-surviving sea-washed lighthouse and its beam can be seen for 35 statute miles inland.  The masonry work on which the lighthouse stands was constructed to such high standards that it hasn’t been altered or repaired for over 200 years.

Construction of this lighthouse was deemed necessary since the underlying rocks, hidden except for a few hours at low tide, were the scene of many shipwrecks.  The actual construction of the lighthouse ended up going about 50% over budget and claimed the lives of several workers in the process due to storms and accidental drownings.  One worker on the project who had his legs accidentally crushed, ended up petitioning for a job as “lighthouse keeper” which was granted to him.

Bell Rock Lighthouse; North Sea near Angus, Scotland

My earring design inspired by the Bell Rock Lighthouse follows:

Watercolor and Gouache Rock Crystal, White Gold, Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

I’ve chosen to use white gold, rock crystal, and gradations of blue sapphires and diamonds in this earring design.  This is perhaps my favorite design in this series, but I’ll let my readers be the judge.  Come back tomorrow to read about the Golden Gate bridge and see the earring design inspired by this Modern World Wonder.


  1. Thanks, Laura! I’m just about to post today’s post, which is maybe my second favorite in this series…

    See you soon!

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