Today was a long travel day.  I was flying back from New York and the incoming plane arrived late.  As a result, we boarded about an hour after we should have.  Then, as we taxied down the runway (past the Trump jet) for our takeoff, the pilot pulled us off onto a side runway where we ground to a halt.  The problem, fixed back at the gate two hours later, was a faulty air-speed-indicator heater.  While I do value safety any day, today’s delay was particularly tedious because I was sandwiched in a row between two screaming twin babies directly in front and behind me.  On top of that, their well-meaning and extremely patient mother tried to entertain them with the noise made from repeatedly crumpling a plastic water bottle…crack, pop, Wah!, crack, pop, Wah!, crack, pop, Wah!

At least the long delay gave me a chance to sketch some new designs.  I ended up with five in all which I’ll post over the course of this week.  Here is the first:

Pencil Sketch of Ribbon Pendant with Bead Cascade by Joana Miranda


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