Colored Pencil and Gouache Lucite Flower Brooch Rendering by Joana Miranda

Today marks the start of my 6th month of posting a design or rendering a day on my blog!  The process has been a very rewarding one for me so far.  Along the way I’ve challenged myself to experiment with ink and gouache renderings (see Day 120 and 121), I’ve done numerous ring renderings (one of the more challenging jewelry items to design), and I’ve learned how to render translucent objects.  In addition, I have created 4 different week-long series of posts, and one 5-day series:

  • Seven days of charms (See posts starting with Day 66)
  • Seven starry snowflake-inspired brooches designed in the style of different jewelry periods (See posts starting with Day 94)
  • One hoop earring transformed seven ways with chandelier attachments (See posts starting with Day 108)
  • One brooch rendered five times using different rendering media (See posts starting with Day 120)
  • Seven earring renderings inspired by the seven wonders of the world (See posts starting with Day 136)

As I move forward over the next 6 months, my goals include posting more bracelet renderings, necklace renderings (versus just pendants), and costume jewelry style pieces.  I may also try a series devoted to Quick Design – designs that take 15 minutes or less to come to life…

Please stay tuned; I look forward to your company on this journey!


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