Tonight I hit a wall of sorts…fatigue, hunger, lack of free time and a feeling of general uncertainty made for a complete mental void when I sat down at my drafting table to come up with a design for today.   Finally, rather than fight it, I went downstairs, poured myself a martini, made dinner, and plopped down in front of the TV to watch the Olympics.  I did bring down my drawing pencils, sketch book and some art paper “just in case.”

Not surprisingly, when I finally relaxed, the ideas started flowing again. This pencil and gouache drawing was inspired by a one-legged spin that I saw several of the women figure skaters doing in their routines.

Pencil and Gouache Flower Brooch Inspired by Figure Skating Split Spin by Joana Miranda

The really graceful skaters manage to pull their leg straight up in front of them, sometimes even from other spin combinations, without any sign of strain.  The dazzling effect of speed and gravity-defying posture can be breathtaking.   Not sure where tomorrow’s inspiration will come from, but a good night’s sleep can’t hurt!


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