Here is a ring rendering I did for a client of my mentor and former boss, David Liska, a few years ago.  This was for a 25th anniversary ring; the client wanted 25 rubies to signify the years, and a marquise diamond as the center stone.  Because the ring has a symmetrical number of rubies on either side – 12 for a total of 24 in all – I rendered one extra ruby in various settings on a separate sheet of vellum (not show here) so that the client could choose where to put the final ruby.  In the end, the last ruby was flush set on the inside of the band – a great solution!  In this rendering you can see the top, side and end views:

Colored Pencil and Gouache Ruby and Diamond Ring Rendering by Joana Miranda

Each view is generated from the previous view by a series of lines drawn on the reverse side of the vellum.  These are then erased when the rendering is completed.  This can, of course, be created easily if you are well-versed with CAD.   However, being able to do technical renderings by hand is still a great skill to have.


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