Tonight I attended the WDCC (Wisconsin Designer Crafts Council) Annual Meeting.  I had the nice surprise to run into another craft artist and violist colleague, Helen, as well as see some familiar faces from a recent jewelry workshop I attended last year.  Even though there were also a lot of new faces, I felt that the vibe was friendly and warm and I really enjoyed hearing the wisdom from the assembled panel which consisted of a jewelry magazine editor, 3 jewelers, a potter, and a photographer.

I thought I’d share some of the interesting points made by Ian Pritchard of Milwaukee Photos (one of the panel members) on using and staying relevant on your Facebook Business Page:

  • Friends are important on FB just as they are in real life.
  • Meet and cultivate new friends on FB as you would at a cocktail party (engage in talk with them).
  • Keep your FB posts interesting and put up lots of different types of information for your followers to read.
  • Think carefully about what you post where.  Describing your morning croissant might be more suited to your regular FB page and not your FB business page…
  • No one is endlessly interesting!  Make sure to promote the work of others you find interesting.
  • Artists looking for ways to keep fans engaged should try the following:

Show work in progress

Talk about the aim behind a particular project

Find incentives (such as discount coupons) to keep your FB fans interested in supporting your work

  • As a general rule, stay away from the negative.  Most people come to FB for a little fantasy and escape.

After the meeting, as I waited for my knight in shining armor (a.k.a my husband) to whisk me away in his Mazda 3, I sketched the following earring:

Pencil on Paper Sketch of Onion-Shaped Bead Earring by Joana Miranda


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