Today’s design is a foray into irregular-shaped engagement rings and their matching wedding bands:

Pencil and Gouache Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set by Joana Miranda

Designing a truly unusual engagement ring is a fun challenge.  However, creating a wedding band which will nestle snuggly against the engagement ring can certainly put a lot more restrictions on the design of the engagement ring.  In an ideal world, the two rings would look beautiful worn together or worn separately on the right and left hands.  However, modern tradition dictates that the two should be worn together on the same finger.

In the design above, the wavy quality of the engagement ring would actually have a symmetrical repeating pattern.  The wedding band would also have a symmetrical pattern of waves, and therefore would look just fine worn together or on its own apart from the engagement ring.

I’m intrigued with this issue and will continue exploring creative ways to compliment “out-of-the box” thinking on engagement rings.

One designer doing really innovative engagement rings currently is Mark Schneider.  Take a look at some of his designs here.


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