I’m computer-less for a few days as a result of some troubling computer crashes, and so am also without access to my printer/scanner. Fortunately, I remembered that I had this ring design saved in a recent email, and so am able to keep to the goal I started 200 (!) days ago of posting a design or rendering a day for a year:

Technical 3-View Sketch for Large Gemstone Cocktail Ring by Joana Miranda

In this project, I generated each of the three views (top, side and end) almost simultaneously, utilizing a series of parallel and perpendicular lines which originated from a square grid.  I drew these lines on the back of the piece of vellum I was working on, then erased the lines when I finished the drawing.  All of the actual rendering was done on the front of the vellum and was unaffected when I erased the guide lines.  This is the “old-fashioned” way of doing a technical drawing; most jewelers today prefer to create the same concept of multiple, t0-scale views by using CAD – or computer aided design.  (My CAD program, too, is inaccessible to me at this point since it is stored on my computer!)

Tomorrow, with any luck, I’ll be “back in business” with my computer and scanner and will be back to posting more colorful designs.

Until then….


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