Photo of Tulips in BloomI’ve been so busy lately that I’ve let two beautiful days pass me by without even going outside to enjoy the warm air and see what is coming up in my garden.  The lawn needs mowing (fortunately, the front lawn grows slower than the back so the house still looks passable from the street) and I’m not even sure when I’ll be able to do that!  Yesterday, as I dashed out to buy the week’s groceries, I did take a moment to stop and talk to the tulips, though.  They didn’t talk back, but they cheered me up a lot.  After that I ran around the grocery store talking cheerfully to everything else in sight, too.  Losing my mind?  Maybe, but at least I’m enjoying it…

Here is a pendant variation on the earring design I posted yesterday:

Pencil and gouache pendant circles pendant rendering with pearl dangle
Pencil and Gouache Circles Pendant with Pearl Dangle Rendering by Joana Miranda


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