Getting warm…warmer…hotter…hot…

I’ve been working on variations on an earring design that I initially posted two days ago (Day 232).

I’m liking more what I’m coming up with now:

Rendering of delicate squiggle earring with bead-set diamonds by Joana Miranda
Watercolor and Gouache S-Shaped Diamond Squiggle Earring Rendering by Joana Miranda

In this version, the delicate coil of the top portion of the earring balances the sinewy squiggle of the diamond drop below.

But I’m not done yet…

Come back tomorrow to see another version.
(We’ll both be surprised!)


  1. Rosemary says:

    The tag surfer just dropped your gorgeous design on my laptop.. and it is stunning!
    Beautiful work… Would that I could afford such a beauty… or had a place to wear it. (There was a time…)
    I’d like to follow your blog, just to bring some beauty into my rather prosaic life.. so as you design, you will bring pleasure not only to the fortunate woman who wears them.
    Thank you.. R.

    • And your lovely comment made my day (night!) I’m passionate about design and I’m passionate about leaving my corner of the world a tiny bit more beautiful if I can. Just so you know, I too can’t afford most of the high-end designs I produce, but I do strive to also create great affordable designs from my output at the bench (visit me at or

      Thanks for taking the time to write and for visiting my blog!

      All best wishes,

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