Ok, even though I did this drawing with pen and ink, I know it isn’t exactly a jewelry “design”…

but it sums up my mood well!

Pen and ink cartoon of tired violist thinking about jewelry design
A Glimpse Into Joana's Mind (Even When Wiped Out!)

Why am I exhausted?

Painting, cleaning, gardening, hauling out garbage, practicing Mahler 3rd Symphony, going to bed repeatedly after 1 a.m., teaching, writing, getting up too early, working at the bench…

(should I go on?)

Here is a picture of our kitchen BEFORE the remodel:

Kitchen before remodel project
Our Kitchen Pre-Remodel

(We’ve lived without cabinet doors for 7 years!)


Kitchen remodel in chaos
Time to Paint Again...Aack!



Picture of kitchen after remodel



  1. nina says:

    Playing Mahler? Didn’t you post a few weeks ago that you were done with the orch for a year?

    These two things don’t match!

    • Hi Nina,

      Yes, I’m trudging through Mahler 3 this week (I’m really not a Mahler fan) and next week will be the last week of the season. My sabbatical officially starts in the fall (2010), although I feel like it will be starting in one week when the season ends.

      Does that make more sense?

      Are you teaching at MacPhail through the summer? Any nice travel plans?

      Take care,

      • nina says:

        I have a family reunion in Glacier Nat’l Park, and an annual trek to the mountains to see dad – otherwise I’ll be teaching and decluttering the house.


        • Ooh, Glacier Nat’l Park sounds lovely. I confess I’m ignorant. Is that in California? Will you be doing some hiking?

          This coming week is my last at the MSO. I’m ready to not be working 2 jobs! When my husband comes home, I realize how nice it is to relax every once in a while and every bone in my body screams REST!

          Now off to do just that:-) Joana

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