Since I tend to paint with white gouache highlights very often in my renderings, I often have a glass of white milky water at the edge of my drafting table.  Common sense would dictate not leaving the glass perched on the edge of the table day after day, but since I’ve never knocked it over, I’ve thrown caution to the wind.

Until today

when I was in a hurry

and knocked over the glass and its contents onto the floor!

Amazingly, the glass actually landed right side up on the wood floor.  Not surprisingly, though, the floor got baptized with what looked like white milk.  For whatever reason I didn’t swear or get flustered.  In fact, as I was cleaning up the floor I mused on the “gift” of the accident.

First, it resulted in my cleaning the floor with hardwood floor cleaner

(which probably needed to be done anyway),


Second, I found design inspiration in the spray of milky water on the floor.

So, here is the result, and another idea inspired by the splashes is already percolating in my little pea brain for tomorrow:

Pencil sketch of diamond and pearl chandelier earring by Joana Miranda
Pencil Sketch of Diamond and Pearl Chandelier Earring by Joana Miranda


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