Photo of NY City SkylineI’ve just gotten word that Chris Guillebeau will be relaunching his Empire Building Kit on June 16th beginning at 9 a.m. PST /12pm EST.  This time around, the EBK will be here to stay — permanently available for customers.  However, to those who purchase the EBK during the first day, Chris will be offering the following bonus – a free copy of another guide, “Backyard Biz Profits” which focuses on applying empire-building strategies to your local city or neighborhood. (If, like me, you already purchased the EBK and are working your way towards establishing your own empire, you will also receive this new bonus.)

What have I personally gotten out of the Empire Building Kit in the mere 3 weeks since I signed up to receive the year’s worth of daily step-by-step business building tips?

  • Thought-provoking business growth questions timed sensibly enough apart so that I can work on processing my answers without feeling overwhelmed
  • New ideas for income generation possibilities stemming from my core business philosophy
  • Inspiration from other small biz owners in pursuit of creating “life businesses” and doing good for the communities they live and work in
  • Connections to really inspirational and helpful people like Chris  Guillebeau and Charlie Gilkey
  • The feeling that I’m not alone in either what I’m trying to do or the process of achieving my goals

What do I get out of helping to promote Chris’ products?

As an affiliate, I benefit from a 51% commission on sales of Chris’ products.

Would I be helping to promote something I didn’t believe in myself?

No.  I spent about 6 months following Chris’ blog daily before taking the risk to purchase his Art + Money guide.  I liked what was in that guide so much that I then asked my husband for the Empire Building Kit for my birthday.

Is this a get-rich-quick product?

No.  Chris believes in the philosophy of “key dropping” – helping others to unlock the cages they may find themselves in.  You still need to bring your own patience, hard work and perseverance to this equation.

Can you provide more detailed information on your experiences with the EBK?

Yes.  In addition to my previous weekly EBK progress blog posts, I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions regarding my experience with the program so far.  Please contact me here or at my email address

Where are the links to the Empire Building Kit and the Art + Money guide you mentioned?

You can link to these products from the buttons in my blog sidebar.


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