I’ve been charting my progress with the Empire Building Kit on a weekly basis.  Yesterday was the last day of the 4th week in the program…only 48 more weeks to go!

The week’s highlights –

Along with looking at some very interesting case studies of other “emperors” creating and living a lifestyle business, I was intrigued by the examples of small business owners who found ways to test drive their new product in the marketplace in a risk-free manner, i.e. without investing loads of money and time before they knew if the product would fly or not.  I also found it enlightening to read the “Small Biz Disasters” – honest descriptions of things that went horribly wrong and missteps that small business owners discovered they shouldn’t have taken.

Where do I stand after a full month of Empire-Building?

In a very thoughtful and much more focused place.Black and white photo of bridge in Central Park taken by Joana Miranda More than ever, I’m renewing my committment to making my corner of the world a more beautiful place and helping others to add beauty into their lives as well.

Empire building isn’t for everyone, but if you are intrigued, jump on over to Chris Guillebeau’s website and check out the  Empire Building Kit to learn more!


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