Pencil Sketch of Simple Bird Brooch
Pencil Sketch of Simple Bird Brooch with Cabochon Stone by Joana Miranda

If, like me, you are exploring a new career, the unknowns, doubts and anxieties coupled with the occasional outside naysayers, can leave you feeling very small, scared and lonely.   Sometimes its easy to feel envious, too, of the appearance of success we see in others, especially if they are finding that success in our chosen field.

How do you keep from being swallowed up by all of these overwhelming feelings?

  • Keep putting one foot in front of the other (have I said this before?) doing what you love to do.
  • Use a daily planner to help you set goals, timetables and stay on track; then commit to following your timetable (I highly recommend visiting Charlie Gilkey’s site Productive Flourishing and downloading the free planner that makes the most sense for what you are trying to do.)
  • Face the things that you are scared to do, breathe, then take the plunge and tackle one at a time.
  • Grow your community.  Surround yourself with people who are interested in the same things you are trying to do.
  • Understand that the naysayers may just be trying to protect you from failure, but their opinions are just that.
  • Celebrate all victories, big and small.
  • Understand that we’re all in this together.

It is always good to know, if only in passing, charming human beings.  It refreshes one like flowers and woods and clear brooks.

(George Eliot)


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