Photo of city-scape painter in Central Park

I’ve fallen a few days behind on writing my weekly progress update on the Empire Building Kit…a good thing, actually, because I’ve been very busy and very happy!  Week 5, which wrapped up a few days ago, was a week packed full of interesting business growth insights and tips.  Here are some of the highlights of the week:

  • An articulate and inspiring video interview with Tsilli Pines, a successful small business owner who designs and handcrafts ketubahs, or Jewish wedding contracts
  • A closer look at the process of identifying and meeting the needs of your target group
  • Pricing lessons for your market
  • How to narrow your focus and create the good kind of exclusivity for your business
  • Exploration of productivity resources to help you cut back on extraneous business tasks and focus more on doing what you truly love to do (I’m now exploring the benefits of using the free scheduling application at Tungle and have added Lastpass to my computer security arsenal.  I also make use of Google Reader – to help me keep up with and read all of the interesting blogs I follow in one place – and Tweet Deck to help me better keep up with Twitter.)

Interested in knowing more about the Empire Building Kit?  You can access it here, or through the Empire Building Kit link in my blog sidebar.


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