Photo of Double Arrow Road SignIf you follow my blog fairly regularly, you’re probably thinking “didn’t she just do a Empire Building Kit weekly review post?  What’s up with that?!”

Yes, I DID just do the week 5 review, but I was a half week late with posting that, AND yes, time does fly when you are trying to build an empire.  The highlight of this week – and it was truly a highlight – was the great MP3 recording of an interview with Jonathan Fields, AKA the “Career Renegade.”   I was madly scribbling notes throughout the interview and am glad that the following two days included a more in-depth look into the salient points of what Jonathan said.  Among the thought-provoking points he made…

Did you know that 70% of people are motivated in their purchasing habits by getting away from pain, and only 30% by going towards pleasure?

Did you know that most people remember painful episodes in their lives much more readily than they remember pleasurable ones?

Did you know that beyond the need to express status and look “cool”, most people buying luxury goods are doing so because they want to feel loved?

Knowledge is useless without action; in this interview, I particularly liked the good balance of facts, wisdom, tools and call to action.  Maybe it is my insecurity and fear (who wants to be taken for a fool?), but I found myself practically breathless with excitement as I listened, not only because I know I can apply each and every point I heard to my own quest for “empire building”, but because I felt once again that the Empire Building Kit is well worth the money it cost!

Is the path completely clear for me at this point?  No, but I’m seeing many more of the options every day!


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