Today’s design inspiration was the pear:

Colored pencil and gouache "Pear" pendant rendering in rock crystal with diamonds by Joana Miranda
Colored Pencil and Gouache Rock Crystal and Diamond "Pear" Pendant Rendering by Joana Miranda

I did this rendering on vellum paper using the faintest touches of white colored pencil (turned sideways) to suggest the rock crystal.  Highlights were added with white gouache paint which I then smudged with a damp paper towel to get the right softness.  I really love the way light bounces off of frosted rock crystal and I think doing this rendering on vellum paper was the best choice since the vellum has some of those same semi-transparent qualities itself.

Tomorrow’s design will be the 5th and final in my 5-day series of jewelry designs dedicated to fruit.  Its a tropical fruit, the “go-to” fruit for some of my musician friends due to its nerve-calming potassium properties, and also a fruit associated with my childhood since it formed part of one of my nicknames…

Curious?  See you tomorrow!


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