Detail photo of Convergence Classics Necklace by Joana MirandaAs many of my readers know, I use Argentium Sterling Silver in my hand-fabricated jewelry almost exclusively.  Why?  Because I love that it is highly tarnish resistant, and that while as malleable as traditional sterling silver when annealed, it can be made to be almost 2x the hardness of silver through a process of heat hardening.  I also like the way Argentium conducts heat when I solder with it.  Traditional silver alloys tend to conduct heat very quickly throughout the entire piece when heated with a soldering torch.  With Argentium, the heat dispersal is more contained so it is easier to solder adjacent delicate areas in a piece without risking components getting overheated, coming unsoldered or melting.

If you’d like to see some exceptional work of other jewelry artists using Argentium Sterling Silver, take a look at this wonderful gallery of photos (I’m honored to be included!)  You can also read more about the properties of Argentium Sterling Silver here.

The detail photo of the item pictured above is from my one-of-a-kind Convergence Classics necklace.  To see more of my work, please visit my shop at Etsy.


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