Line drawing of young girl having a soda
Pencil Drawing: Afternoon on the Veranda

Yes, I know this is not a jewelry rendering, but since I’ve been spending the past few days hard at work on a large-scale jewelry design project, the change of pace is refreshing!

One big benefit to having embarked on a 365-day design project is that I have visual markers for myself of each step I’ve taken along the way.  My designs have become like friends to me – associated with times, places and experiences.  For that alone, they are probably among my most treasured possessions at this point.  And like friendships, the ideas they represent continue to evolve and grow.

Why did I embark on this project?

I wanted to prove to myself that I could create something beautiful every day and that even a “doodle” could evolve into something potentially lovely.

Who has been my primary inspiration?

Back in 2006 when my teacher at the GIA Quick Design Lab in NY City showed me a picture of the jewelry design work of Abaji Shinde (former head designer at Harry Winston), I was smitten.  Shinde’s renderings (paintings) of diamonds and gemstones were almost more beautiful than the actual real gems, and the breathtaking way he put these gems together to form regal jewelry was no less inspiring.  I purchased the only book of Shinde’s designs I could find, a small memoir picture book by Reema Keswani.  That book has become like a bible for me – my most trusted visual reference for how to capture light in gemstones and render beautiful jewelry.

As I set forth on the remaining 70 days of my Design a Day project, I’m hoping that I continue to bring beauty and enjoyment to my reader’s eyes.   And I hope to keep growing in both my imagination and my rendering skills.   Aspiring to be half the artist that Mr. Shinde was is a very lofty goal, but it is a goal that I’ll continue to pursue!

If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves.

(Thomas Edison)


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