Colored pencil and gouache rendering of gold, emerald, diamond and pearl earring by Joana Miranda
Colored Pencil and Gouache Rendering of Gold, Diamond and Pearl Earring by Joana Miranda

Sometimes the riches we seek are in our own imaginations (and in our ability to think outside of the box!)  As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Chris Guillebeau.  I’m most often focused on his small-business and empire-building advice, but every once in a while I live a little vicariously by also enjoying his travel writings (Note – this is a guy who is on a five-year quest to visit ALL the countries in the world…and he is already more than 2/3rds of the way there!)

Chris recently posted a blog update entitled Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking.  I found it interesting, funny and inspiring.  If you want some good insights for how to make the most of your travel miles, get travel upgrades, hang out in elite airport lounges equipped with bathtubs, and learn about the fine art of “couch surfing,” you’ll enjoy the post, too!

Just remember, wherever your travels take you – imagined or real – make sure you are doing what you love to do.


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