As promised, here is the gold Trillium pendant from yesterday shown here with a turquoise cabochon center ringed by tiny melee-sized diamonds:

Colored pencil and gouache gold, turquoise and diamond Trillium rendering - version 2
Colored Pencil and Gouache Gold, Turquoise and Diamond "Trillium" Flower Pendant by Joana Miranda

I’d love to hear which version you like better, so feel free to drop me a line!

It might surprise some of my readers to know that even though I design and make jewelry, I also LOVE to purchase and wear others’ designs as well.  Take a glance through my blog roll of “Favorite Jewelry Designers” and you’ll see that my favorites cover a variety of styles, price points and materials. Most often when I purchase something myself, I’m on the prowl for a piece that I can’t or wouldn’t normally make, but that still speaks to me (and usually I also need it to be very affordable.)

Case in point.  Yesterday afternoon I bought a really great reversible pendant from the line of pendants by the company known as Pick Up Sticks.  On one side of my new pendant, the vintage collage photo reads “YOU ARE HERE”; the other side has a fleur-de-lis with the words “Take The Road Less Traveled.”

Photo of vintage-inspired pendants by Pick Up Sticks Company
Vintage-Inspired Photo Charms by Pick Up Sticks

I figure either side will serve as positive reinforcement for me…to be in the moment and to continue to pursue my dreams!

I wish you a charmed good night…


  1. Helen Reich says:

    I like the diamond one better. It looks more like a trillium for some reason, maybe because the turquoise complicates the composition a little? I dunno, but I’m a gardener, however lazy these days, and I know my trilliums.

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks for the feedback! I thought the turquoise would be a good idea, but once I saw the finished design, I wasn’t sure it did all that much for the piece either.

      On the subject of flip-flops with flowers, check out these images:

      I don’t remember the prices on the flowered flip- flops I saw in NY, but somewhere in the $40 – $66 range seems to be right.

      Hope you are enjoying lots of beautiful raspberries from your garden!

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