I played around a bit with the background choices in my CAD rendering for today and noticed that the overall resolution improved.  These gold earrings feature bezel-set emerald cabochon stones and pear shaped pearl drops:

Computer Aided Design of Emerald Chandelier Earring with Pearl Drops by Joana Miranda
CAD Rendering of Gold, Emerald and Pearl Chandelier Earrings by Joana Miranda

And here is a thought for today…

Seek the lofty by reading, hearing and seeing great work at some moment every day.

(Thorton Wilder)


  1. nina says:


    I see your progress in the CAD, but wonder if I will ever appreciate it in the way that I like your hand drawn/painted images.

    Perhaps it’s because I am a musician on an acoustic instrument.

  2. Hi Nina,

    I agree that the hand-drawn/painted renderings are more beautiful and compelling. When I worked as Design Associate for David Liska Custom Jeweler, I noticed that it was the men, more often than the women, who would get excited by the CAD drawings.

    I’d rather see an artwork of a jewelry piece than a computer drawing any day – keeps the romance, mystery and exclusivity alive for me.

    That said, the large-scale manufacturers all want designers who have advanced CAD skills. So, off I go to do more studying!

    🙂 Joana

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